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Chapter 11

- Previously -

Zuko gave up in defeat to his tired aching body, and lied down with the
other two sleepers, then pulled up the covers and turned on his
side to view the candle for a little longer. The prince didn’t feel
comfortable sleeping with the opposite gender tonight for some reason,
like she would try to kill him in her sleep type way. Turning the other
way under the covers, he quietly looked at his friend to see her
frowning in her sleep which turned his stomach into a knot.

His hand went to her tanned cheek and lightly caressed it with his
thumb while trying to see if he could comfort her. Katara’s head moved
away slightly and then covered her face up with the blankets after a
soft groan. Sighing in dissatisfaction, he placed his hand under the
covers and to him self as he turned to lie on his back quietly while
looking at the ceiling.

‘She’s still mad at me,’ Zuko told himself in an emotional way
that he hadn’t felt before, ‘I don’t even know how to apologize when
I’m not entirely sure of what I’ve done.’

Katara sighed in her sleep as she turned over on to her stomach to
continue inside her dreamland. Zuko’s head turned to her; wandering if
she awoken or something, but she didn’t. His eyes trailed down her body
and could see some factors that he hadn’t seen in a while.

When she was sick a while back, there was nothing he could do except
look around, and his eyes once landed on her form. It was amusing how
women could have such curves and yet be a mere teenager. His gaze would
snap out of it when she would move in her sleep.

Shaking her head at those thoughts, he felt his face heat up a little
and forced himself to look at the ceiling. Being around his friend gave
him unwanted dreams of her; they were about him self and the water
bender being together, and already that
was strange enough for him. Again he turned to his side for the last
time for the night; he looked to the candle, and then heard a dripping
noise outside.

He looked to the window and saw water starting to fall from the sky, ‘rain?’

The candles’ flame began flickering quickly, and then died out for some
odd reason that he didn’t know of. Thoughts of the war passed his mind
because of it, and mentally shook that away as violently as possible.
When did fall come? Zuko remembered the leaves surrendered their green
color to the orange and yellow, but he didn’t pay attention to anything
else; only to the things that could remind him of home.

- Now -

Birds chirped happily at the morning sunlight which passing its warm
rays to hit the prince’s face; causing him to wake up. His eyes shut
tightly as his arms lifted over his head and hit the headboard of the
bed and almost instantly remembered where he was. As quickly as
possible, he sat up on the bed and looked to his left to see that both
the avatar and water bender were gone.

He rubbed his face as he sat at the edge of the bed, wondering upon
where everyone had gone so early in the morning. Getting up and walking
over to his yukata, he just slid it on lazily and slid the door open to
go out on the outside porch. In front of him stood the water bender
whom leaned on surrounding rails, and she still hadn’t placed her
clothing on; meaning she was still in her undergarments.

“What are you doing out here practically naked?” Zuko questioned as he leaned against the door frame.
Katara sighed and turned around and leaned her back against the rail while looking at him, “why? Does it offend you?”
“…” He heard the bitterness in her tone of voice and looked away, ‘she’s still mad at me, damn it.’
“Good morning,” she started over and hopped up on the rail to sit, “did you sleep well?”
“Mostly,” he replied casually so a fight wouldn’t start, and then saw
her arm with a nasty bruise that he caused, “you still haven’t healed
Her arm lifted and she looked at it curiously, “I guess I forgot about,” she touched it and winced painfully.
“Are you… alright?” He walked over and inspected her arm.
“Yeah I’m fine,” she grumbled annoyed as she brought the fountain water to her hand and healed it, “see? All better now.”

“You’re still angry at me, aren’t you?” Zuko questioned quietly as he looked up at her.
She looked away, “I told you that I wasn’t-”
“So that way I could feel relieved?”
“…” Her attention turned to him.
“Tell me what it was that I did,” he demanded.
“Why do you think I’m mad?”
“It had something to do with me not calling you my friend?”
“Thank you,” Katara said sarcastically and hopped off the rail to leave but he scooted in front of her.
“When you stormed off, I told her that I lied.” He said quickly.

She eyed at him, “why?”
“It didn’t feel right,” he blushed lightly and looked away, “plus you were pissed off, and I didn’t like it for some reason…”
“Did poor little Zuko felt sad because I was mad?” Katara teased.
“Woman, I’m older than you!” The prince roared.
“Well, what ever, Iroh wanted to talk to you when you woke up.” She walked around him and went inside.

He whipped around, “what? You talked to him? Looking like that?!”
“Maybe, why?” Katara asked curiously while placing her clothes on.
“Aren’t you embarrassed to be going around in public like that?!”
“No, are you?”
“Like I’d really go walking about in my underwear!” He scoffed.
“Wow, mister ‘Prince of the Fire Nation’ is self conscious?” Katara giggled.
“I didn’t say that!”
“You didn’t have to; you slept in your pants so that’s a good enough reason to me.”

Katara finished getting ready and left the room as Zuko fixed his
yukata and quickly followed her. Everyone was in the family room except
Sokka who was taking a nice hot bath and didn’t want to be disturbed.
Aang was laughing and fooling around with Momo as Toph chomped down on
an apple while Iroh sipped his tea.

“I’m going into town you guys.” Katara stated as she slipped her shoes on.
Aang turned around and looked at where, “are you going to see Hope?”
“No, I’m going to talk to a certain traitor from the jungle.” She laughed.
“What?!” He stood up quickly, “is he still alive?!”
“I don’t know, but I’ll find out, bye guys.” She started to leave, “oh, and don’t tell Sokka.”
“Okay.” The avatar sighed and then grinned, “Be back for lunch!”

The water bender left by her self and the prince grumbled something
under his breath and sat next to his uncle. There was something
suspicious about how she said traitor, and it almost made him think
that she was talking about him, but she wasn’t. All of a sudden her
brother comes out with a towel around his waist looking about.

“Hey, where’s Katara?” He asked curiously.
“She went to talk to Jet.” Aang realized he just blurted that out.
“WHAT?!” Sokka, Zuko, and Iroh yelled, just then the room became quiet.
“Great! That guy is going to seduce her all over again and try to manipulate her!” Sokka roared and went to his room.


Zuko grabbed his bag and went into Katara’s room and change into the
Blue Spirits clothing and grabbed his dual swords and placed them in
their sheath after placing on his mask which he had never truly gave to
the sea. He opened and closed the sliding door, and then hopped over
the porch rail. He literally climbed over the inner wall of Ba Sing Se
and began trying to track down the water bender.


Katara had found Smeller-Bee and Long-Shot after about an hour, so they
took her to see Jet as they told her what all that had happened. Boy
was Jet happy when he saw her, but you can imagine how annoyed the Blue
Spirit was. Jet told his companions that they could stay behind, but
they insisted to come along with their own distance from them.

“So Katara, it’s been quite a while,” Jet said with a smile, “been thinking of me much?”
“Oh of course I have, you’re one of the first boys I liked that lied to me.” She replied casually.
He smiled sheepishly, “hey, that’s behind us now, right? I’m a new man;
really! I have attacked anyone since I’ve got here, besides two fire
The water bender became suspicious, “just two?”
“Yeah, I don’t know what they were planning, but no one would believe me.”
“It’s best to keep things to yourself when you’re on your own.”
“I know I could’ve proved it, I just needed a little more time!”
“Jet, even if they were fire benders, you can’t have revenge on all of
them; everything just becomes more unbalanced.” She stated quietly.

“Yeah, but you know how it is just to lose one parent,” he softly glared.
“I know,” she hugged him around his neck; “you’ve lost them both.”
Jet hugged her back tightly, “they’re things we can’t get back, so I
just want to make emends for my self and my two freedom fighters.”

“Hurting and killing people don’t make emends; it makes it worse.”
Katara stated as she released him, “maybe some of those fire benders
have families at home waiting for them to return?”

He chuckled, “look at you; you always try looking on the good side of everything.”
“I have to for everyone so they can keep standing.” Katara laughed.
“Everyone huh?”
“Well, my family and friends,” she explained.
“Am I considered a friend?” He frowned innocently.
“I don’t know, are you?” Katara asked seductively.

Jet lightly smirked once again as he was tempted to receive the idea of
giving her a kiss. He was always so charismatic when Katara saw him and
she couldn’t help but giggle about it. His hand went to her face and
stroked lightly to where she’d lean against his warmth.

“Jet, what would you do if I was a fire bender?” Katara asked quietly.
He looked blank for the moment, “what are you talking about; you’re a
water bender, you proved that when you were pissed off at me.”
“It’s just a question, so will you answer it now?” She then asked again, “what would you do if I was a fire bender?”
“…” Jet tried to think, but then looked at her, “I think you’d be the
first fire bender that I would spare; seeing how I’ve gotten close to
you and all.” He chuckled.
“Maybe you can look around the fact that someone’s a fire bender, and learn about who they really are beneath it?”
“My, my, aren’t we full of knowledge?”

He stroked her tanned cheek once more and leaned in to claim her lips
as his very own at this very moment. Katara giggled lightly but decided
that it was alright and so she leaned a little forward so that she
would also kiss back. That wasn’t going to settle with a certain Blue
Spirit that was watching, and so he came down from his perch and
punched the crap out of Jet’s face.


“Damn it!” Jet yelled as he fell and held his cheek.
“Jet are you al-!” Katara was cut off by the Blue Spirit looking down at her.
Getting up on his feet, Jet started to charge at him, “get away from her!”

The Blue Spirit turned around and punched Jet away in an instant who
only got back up again, and even more furious. Since Jet was being
stubborn to not give up, the Blue Spirit decided to just put him out of
his misery and pulled out his dual swords since Jet didn’t have his
dual hook swords. He began running quickly at the ‘freedom fighter’ and
was about to slice his head off but then all of a sudden-

“STOP!” Katara ran in front of Jet to keep the Blue Spirit away.

Immediately he skidded to a stop and now only a foot away from the
upset water bender. Jet panted and wiped the blood off his face and
looked at the masked man and the dual sword; finding something very
familiar about them. His attention went to Katara though who stood in
front of him.

“What are you doing Katara, get out of the way, he’ll just kill you!” Jet yelled.
Katara turned her face to him, “if he was, he would’ve done it by now.”
“It’s just a deception!” He stated.
“…” she looked to the Blue Spirit, and he didn’t do anything so she looked to Jet, “I’m sure it is.”
“Damn it Katara-!” Jet was cut off by the Blue Spirit whom now stood between him and Katara when he tried to get close to her.
The Blue Spirit then turned to Katara and motioned her to go the
other way after he placed his dual swords away. Jet was getting furious
about being ignored like that, and so he charged at the masked man who
turned with his hand on the hilt of his swords on his back. Katara held
the Blue Spirits’ hand and looked and Jet who then stopped in place.

“Jet, I have to go; Sokka is going to be furious about me coming to see you.” Katara stated and released the Blue Spirits’ hand.
“So what, blue boy here is going to escort you home?!” Jet yelled.
“No,” she laughed, “but I really have to go.”
He sighed, “Fine, just be careful.”

“I will” a smile went on her face as she left with the Blue Spirit
behind her. As she remembered something, she turned around to look at
Jet, “about the fire benders Jet, their not all that bad. One of my
best friends is one!” Katara laughed and continued forth towards the
inner wall, leaving a dumbstruck Jet with his two companions.

‘She must’ve been brainwashed…’ Jet glared at the back of the Blue Spirits’ head.


The Blue Spirit continued walking with Katara as if there was nothing
suspicious about it or anything. You could hear a teen woman’s voice
calling out to Katara and mister masked boy brought his dual swords out
of the sheath and went in front of the water bender to keep the teen at
bay. Katara rolled her eyes and lifted the Blue Spirits’ arm up and
went under and in front of him to talk to the girl; wondering what she

“Katara, hi, have you seen Lee anywhere?” She asked curiously.
“Hmm, other than this morning, no, I haven’t Jin.” Katara replied.
“Oh… well… when you see him, can you tell him that I want to ask him something at our spot by the fountain?”
She tried not to giggle, “Sure, what is it you want to ask him?”
“Nothing much, just to see if he wants to go on a date again,” Jin laughed, “he’s really cute don’t you think.”
“Yeah, minus the snores,” Katara mumbled to herself.
“Who’s the masked guy behind you?”
The water bender looked over her shoulder, “I don’t know, let’s find out.” She reached for his mask.

Backing away quickly, the Blue Spirit decided that it was time to go,
so he jumped in a tree with a glare at the two, and then hopped away.
Jin and Katara laughed at the sudden movement he had escaped from
Katara. Either way… they looked at it each other curiously, and Jin
decided to ask another question.

“Maybe we should hang out sometime and have a girl talk?” Jin suggested with a smile.
Katara smiled sheepishly, “thanks, I’ll think about it, but I got to go now.”
“Aww… okay, talk to you soon!”


Zuko had quickly changed back in his previous clothes and went out onto
the grass to meditate while Katara took her sweet time coming back to
the house. He was getting annoyed that she was taking so long; probably
went back to Jet now that the ‘Blue Spirit’ left. Was she trying to
embarrass him or something, because she was doing a good job the whole

The water bender was a bit of a flirt with Jet by letting him touch her
like that, not to mention nearly letting him kiss her. For some odd
reason it burned him inside and practically wanted to put him on fire
for all eternity. It made him wonder if this was how Katara felt like
when he was talking to Jin the other night.

Tired of waiting, he hopped over the fence of the house and crashed
into one of the Dai Li that supervised the place. He didn’t look all
too happy, and with what Zuko was wearing, he assumed that he was a
peasant. The Dai Li roughly grabbed Zuko by the collar and glared at
him; thinking that he was stealing from the avatar’s home.

“What do you think you’re doing around these parts ya peasant?” The Dai Li question.
“Nothing and I’m not a peasant you vermin!” Zuko roared, never allowing anyone to call him a peasant.
“What’d you say?!” His hand raised and moved forth to punch the hell out of Zuko’s face.

A water whip came from the distance and hit the Dai Li in the face,
causing him to drop Zuko and hold his cheek furiously. The two men
looked at the attacker to see Katara, and Zuko was relieved in a way or
two. She walked over and offered Zuko her help which he reluctantly
took, and then she turned to the Dai Li.

“You have nerves to attack someone that is in the avatars group, imagine what the king would say.” Katara scowled.
“L-Lady Katara…” The Dai Li stood up straight to respect the mighty
water bending master, “I didn’t know he was along with your group
“Yes, I can tell,” she said annoyed, “what are you even doing walking about here.”
“We didn’t here of your return, so we were watching your home.”
Katara rolled her eyes and grabbed Zuko hand, “let’s go Lee.”
“Right,” the banished prince replied and turned his attention to the Dai Li and stuck his tongue out like child.

“And what were you doing hopping over the fence like that?” Katara asked accusingly.
He rolled his eyes, “you were taking too long getting back, so I was going to go look for you.”
“Right, well, why don’t you go meet up with Jin? She wants to go on a second date with you.”
“I’d rather teach the avatar how to fire bend.” He released her hand
and covered his mouth to lightly cough, “besides, I’m still sick.”
“So you’re just going to leave her hanging like that?”
“Yes; she’s like a stalker, I told you that.” Zuko stated.
Her head shook and she against the pillar on the porch of the house,
“tell her that you don’t want to go on a date with her; I’m sure she’ll
understand Zuko.”
“What? Why?”
“You should be respectful about other people’s feelings. That’s how you
can become a great Fire Lord, Prince Zuko.” Katara grinned playfully.
“You’re lying,” he folded his arms and looked away as he blushed.
“Every time I say something nice about you, you always say I’m lying to you.”

“There’s no way that I can be a great lord when the Earth Kingdom and
Water Tribes are complete enemies to the Fire Nation.” Zuko stated.
“That’s off topic,” she smiled, “you need practice with girls; you’ve
already been on a date, so now you have to learn to reject one.”
“Can’t you tell her for me?”
“Nope, I have a lunch date with her tomorrow.”
“It’s just lunch, no need to get paranoid.” Katara laughed and headed
to the door. “Seriously though, just tell her that you don’t want to go
on a date.”
“Will… you come with me?” He scratched the back of his head.
She smiled, “sure.”
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