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The seventeen year old banished fire bender walked through the lands of the Earth Kingdom, but not of Ba Sing Se. He was traveling off to a near village to get a certain recipe that his uncle needed for his shop in the upper ring which they didn't have in the city. It wasn't like he really didn't mind it or anything because it gave him something to do other than serve tea to people.

'He didn't even give me a map in order to give him the blasted recipe.' He growled in irritation.

There was a splash in the distance and the prince wondered who the heck would be swimming in the morning when the sun was just barely was rising. He had to leave Ba Sing Se an hour ago just so that he could be as close as he was to the village. Since he was a little a head off time, he decided to go investigate the crazy swimmer and headed off the path and peaked through the brush to see.

A woman stood waist high in the water of the lake, bathing in the minimum morning light, and it made her look like a glowing goddess. The fire bender started to walk among the brush to see if he could catch the face of this naked tanned goddess but had to come just a little bit closer. She pulled her head back and soaked her hair into the water and his heart was soaring through the clouds when her chest was exposed to him so openly.

He slowly crept closer to see her and didn't even realize he was out of the brush and on the open grass while being draw to her. By accident, he stepped on a small tig and froze while looking at the woman who didn't seem to notice him, yet. Stepping just little closer, he felt something at his feet and looked down to see clothing; Water Tribe clothing.

His heart perhaps beated over a thousand times per minute as he soon realize who this goddess was, and couldn't believe how attacted he was getting to her. He could barely contain the beast within his pants that wanted to rage at her; to rage in her. The fire bender couldn't help but stay and watch this show, so he sat down next to her clothes and watched her touch her skin.

'What was the water bender's name again?' He tried to think and accidentally spoke out loud, "Katara?"

Immediately she gasped and turned around to see the fire bender sitting there watching her, and she screamed while ducking her body beneth the waters. He frowned at how stupid he was for saying her name out loud like that, but it seemed that he got it right at least. The water bender threw an ice dagger at him and he melted it before it came close to his face.

"Zuko you sick bastard! What are you doing here?! Get away from my clothes!" Katara roared.
He looked at her amusedly and picked up her clothing, "are these what you're talking about?"
"Put those down! No, better yet, give them to me now!" She hissed.
Zuko shook his head, "come get them."
"I don't trust you! Leave!"
"Nope, and you can take your time because I have all day."

Katara frowned and stayed in the water for another hour as Zuko stayed and watched her shiver little by little. She needed to get out, and if she didn't, she knew that Aang and Sokka would come looking for her which she couldn't have happening. The water bender cover her chest and cautiously walked out of the lake and towards the fire bender which made her even more nervous.

When she got close to him, she went on to her knees to grab her clothes next to him but he picked them up and raised it over his head, "Zuko," she whined, "give me my clothes."
"Reach for them," Zuko smirked tauntingly.
"Give them to me!" She whine and placed her hand on his leg and used her other hand to reach.
He pulled it back more, "almost have it."

Her hand reached passed his shoulder as he kept leaning backwards more and more till he quickly leaned back, causing her to fall on top of him. She felt something warm around his lower region and hoped it wasn't what she thought it was, but nonetheless, she placed one of her hands on his chest as the other one continued to reach.

"Give me a kiss and I'll give you your clothes, peasant." Zuko snickered.

The water bender blushed and looked at him and decided that she was just desperate for her clothes so she agree. Katara slowly placed he lips on his warm ones and paused for five seconds before slowly pulling away. Her nape was held by his warm hand and was brought back in for seconds and she liked that one more as their lips tasted another.

She pulled away and looked at him to finally understand that he was just plain horny and wanted her attention, which seemed hard to believe seeing how they would always fight. Extended her hand he pulled them away again and she frowned at him. After doing what he wanted her to do, he still wouldn't give her the clothes back.

"Give me my clothes, 'Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation.'" Katara whined seductively.

Shivers went all over his body and he almost gave in her plead but manage to ignore her and how attractive she sounded like. It seemed that he was doomed from the start from having her on top of him because she began to nibble at his throat teasingly, causing him to moan in pleasure. As the fire bender was distracted in pleasure, Katara snatched her clothes away and jumped away from him to place it all on.

"Water benders ruin all the fun." Zuko said gruffly as he propped his upper body up by his elbows.
She finished putting her clothes on and looked at him, "who said I was done?"
He looked at her in some confusion, "what?"
"I'm well aware of how horny you are," she sat on his lap, "and I'm going to have my revenge for what you made me just do."

Zuko seemed taken back at her words and was shoved against the ground and his wrist held above his head by her hands. Katara went back to his throat and began sucking on the place that she was previously nipping at and he started to moan and sway his hips slowly below her. When she was satisified with his throat, she went to the side of his neck and began the same process all over again; obviously Zuko didn't mind seeing that he moved his head to the other side for her to continue.

She didn't even need to hold down his wrists anymore seeing how he kept them there as she wanted him to; not knowing just how submissive he could be. Katara whispered out his name and he brought his eyes to look at her and she placed her lips against his and he obliged. The water bender slowly brought her hand up to stroke the left side of his face absent mindedly and he immediately shuttered away at her touch.

"Don't..." Zuko whispered.
"Shh," she cooed.
His eyes clenched, "please."

Katara had never once heard him beg like that before, but wasn't going to let him get away that easily and sat on his stomach. He hand gently traced over his scar and his hand whipped up and snatched her wrist. She cooed a him again and gave him soothing words which made him feel dazed and release her.

Her hand went to his scar once again and this time he didn't complain as she continued to soothe him with words. She stopped with her words but still caressed his scar and he slowly had tears flowing out of his eyes and she frowned and wiped them away. Katara didn't understand his tears, but she knew that he wasn't sad because of anything.

'She accepts my scar... but I still can't...'
Written and submitted by NOT written by *Zuko-Katara.
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December 1, 2006
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